How to Teach Kids at Home Effectively

The shelter-in-place mandate put up its challenges for the education sector, but we are proud of all the teachers, parents, and students rising to the occasion. We want to help lighten your load by giving the best tips on how to teach kids at home effectively. Though it may take time to put new rules in place, it is worth the effort to help supplement your child’s education and keep them prepared for the next school year.

1. Limit distraction

The first step in how to teach kids at home successfully is to limit distraction to keep your child’s attention focused on their schoolwork. You should limit their use of their devices, other than what is needed to complete their work, until their schoolwork is done.

2. Make space for learning

Many adults have a specific area of the home in which they do work, and it’s important that you create a similar space for your child that is strictly devoted to learning. This space should be a different set-up than where they normally play games or watch television. This is an integral part of how to teach kids at home rather than in a classroom.

3. Maintain breaks such as snack time and recess

Routines and schedules are extremely important to teaching kids at home. Children will function best if they maintain a routine that is as close to normal as possible. We recommend you do this by setting alarms similar to those they would expect for school, as this can be helpful for keeping them on a schedule. Around lunch time, encourage them to get up, get some fresh air, go for a walk or bike ride, or have a snack so that they are not sedentary for the entire day.

4. Allow them to interact with friends via video chats

Your children are used to lots of social contact at school, so they will definitely feel the effects of being distanced from them. It’s important to allow them to interact with friends online, beyond social media or text messaging. Video chats are the closest thing to seeing someone in person and are a great way to get in some social time. This is a great opportunity for a break when thinking about how to teach kids at home.

5. Mix screen time with old school learning mediums

Overuse of screen time can have adverse impacts on young brains, so it’s important to mix it up during a time like this. It’s likely that your children will want to continue to use a screen of some sort during their breaks from doing work, so it’s important to limit screen time by mixing in old school mediums as well. Parents should encourage print and book reading as much as you are able and, if possible, request textbooks from your child’s school. Schools understand how to teach kids at home and what is needed to do it effectively.

6. Keep in touch with other parents

Social distancing is important during this time, but staying in touch with others via virtual communication is very important. Each parent that has a child home is going to be going through a new experience. Check in with other parents to see what they’ve found effective, and ask if they need help as well. Use as many resources you can in learning how to teach kids at home.

7. Don’t underestimate the power of a schedule

If you and your children are all doing work from your home, it’s likely that this is the first time that has ever happened. A schedule for your work and your child’s work is extremely important. To start, experts recommend keeping them on the same or similar sleeping schedule that they have when they are going into school. If a schedule was not provided by their teachers, help them write one for not only each day, but each week, as well. Giving your child a clear vision of what is expected will help them see that just because they are home, it does not mean they don’t have work to do. It will also help you think about how to teach kids at home and plan for the week head.

8. This is not a vacation!

This time at home might feel like a vacation for your child, but it’s important to remind them that their education still comes first. Obligations like class assignments, grades, tests, state exams, SATs, and ACTs aren’t going away just because classes have moved online. You’re learning how to teach kids at home to help them further their education, not to fall behind.

9. Remember to schedule time for fun

While this is most certainly not a vacation, it’s important to have some fun with your children while they are at home. It’s rare that you have this much time with your children, so use it as an opportunity to bond. Experts at Children and Screens recommend playing family card games, charades, or chess, organizing a tournament, or getting outside for a hike or walk together.

While we have been adjusting to this new normal, it’s important to recognize you and your scholar’s achievements along the way. Even though you may not have known how to teach kids at home before, look at where you are now! Every little accomplishment is a step in the right direction. Though every day may not be easy, remember to provide support your scholar during these turbulent times.

We thank the parents, guardians, teachers, and tutors who are providing that support. Tutoring is important now more than ever to ensure your child’s educational needs are met. Without the help of a tutor, it is possible that your child could fall behind and be affected for the next school year. Younger children are especially vulnerable as they are in the middle of critical learning stages that set them up for success for years to come. Remember that Texas Tutors is here for you and your child for every subject K-12. Learn more about our services or contact us today for any of your scholar’s educational needs.

Rewarding Part Time Jobs for Teachers

Teachers are leaving their district jobs for a variety of reasons, but often have a difficult time finding something rewarding to do part time. At Texas Tutors, we offer a great alternative for part time jobs for teachers that allow(s) them to keep working with students. With fewer challenges than working full time with benefits, there are a number of reasons why retired teachers and others are coming to work for us.

Why are teachers leaving their full-time jobs?

Districts are having a shortage of teachers and the number of teachers leaving their jobs each year continues to grow. The meetings and paperwork that come with a full-time job may not be for everyone. Additionally, some teachers also want more flexibility with their time to further their education, start a family, write a book, or simply have a better life work balance. Texas Tutors eliminates many of the obstacle’s teachers face working for districts. We provide the freedom and autonomy some teachers crave in their full-time jobs, but aren’t able to have. Whatever the reason may be, there is a large list of part time jobs for teachers to consider.

Which part time jobs for teachers are the best?

Teachers can find part-time work in the hospitality industry, freelance writing, babysitting, and more. These jobs may be viable for the kind of flexibility teachers are looking for, but they may not feel as rewarding. Teachers went through years of hard work to pursue a degree, oftentimes multiple degrees, to focus on what they cared about most: education. Being a teacher takes tenacity and passion, and taking this energy and applying it to most part time jobs is largely unfulfilling. That is why tutoring positions offer a perfect alternative as the best part time jobs for teachers.

Tutors still have a widely impactful job in supplementing a child’s education. Those who have a passion for teaching but a need for freedom and flexibility are a great fit for tutoring. There will always be a demand for tutors, so this part time job offers great security advantages. You’ll also still have the opportunity to make a difference without the long hours, meetings, and paperwork of a full-time district job. Don’t throw away your expertise in teaching and goals to educate, see why you should come work for Texas Tutors. We offer the most rewarding part time jobs for teachers in Texas.

What are the benefits of working for Texas Tutors?

Say goodbye to district meetings and hello to having more time on your hands. Those piles of paperwork won’t follow you to your part time job with us. Our goal is to create a relaxed and conducive environment for learning that focuses on the children and not district politics. We also provide the curriculum so that you can focus on the teaching. Giving our tutors this freedom is essential to honing in on each scholar’s needs and giving every student an equal opportunity to succeed. That’s why we aim for a 6:1 ratio of tutors to scholars we serve to be able to help our tutors teach in the most effective manner possible.

If you’re interested in working with us and learning more about the benefits we offer, contact us today. Learn more about our services we provide and our emphasis on data to create a personalized learning experience.

The Best Online Tutors Texas Has to Offer

Recent events are shaking up every economic sector forcing industries to adapt and overcome many challenges. With the new stay-at-home mandate, each sector’s ability to function and bounce back once the dust settles is further prolonged. Every profession is feeling these shockwaves rupture careers and businesses have to find a way to put the pieces back together. The education sector, in particular, is suffering and oftentimes teachers always get the last thought in tumultuous situations. That is why schools need the best online tutors Texas has to offer.

How is COVID-19 affecting education? 

It’s no secret that school closures are in effect, and the TEA even announced the cancellation of STAAR testing for the school year. This puts a burden on parents who rely on resources schools offer like extracurricular activities or provided lunches in addition to educational services. For working parents, it’s even more difficult to step in for their children’s educational needs and give them the support they need to complete assignments. Teachers are also spread thin trying to teach as many as 150 students in their case load, and there is no way to give each student the individualized attention they need. Utilizing all of the online tutors Texas students need could help alleviate each teacher’s load.

Just as we need an abundance of nurses to take care of those falling prey to illness, we need an abundance of teachers to help educate those out of classrooms. Students who are already struggling in class will suffer more and could fall further behind, significantly impacting their ability to succeed next school year. Taking the students who are already struggling in the classroom and putting them in new learning environments could be setting them up for failure. But, with the help of the best online tutors Texas has to keep them on the right track, they will be less pressured to succeed on their own.

For a long time now, the pressure of ensuring a student’s educational success was primarily on the shoulders of just teachers and administrators, rather than teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Now, students and parents are dealing with a lot of added responsibility, causing struggles when it comes to holding students accountable and ensuring their academic success. To assume that parents and students can adjust to distance learning overnight or even over the course of a few months is unrealistic. This is why if we put more tutors in place, we can better assist students and parents during this time.

What can we do to fix this?

By working with retired educators, we can balance the teacher to student ratio to better ensure student success during this time. Because it will be a prolonged period of time that scholars will be out of the classroom, it is crucial to start bolstering faculty numbers to provide educational services at home. For scholars that are falling behind, it is especially necessary that we don’t let them miss any more school. But, the only way to get them back to grade-level and keep them there is by bringing in more people to teach. This is where we come as the best online tutors Texas students are needing to stay on track.

How can Texas Tutors help?

Schools already reach out to us for our tutoring services to support students who are needing additional support in reading, math, and other subjects during the academic school year. We are their go-to online tutors Texas desperately is in need of now. If these scholars were struggling to complete their assignments in the classroom, then expecting them to be able to complete lessons online with little to no assistance is unrealistic. The burden that was previously on teachers to have students complete assignments is now put on parents and the students themselves. We need to eliminate this burden in order for all students to succeed, and the only way to do so is by hiring extra support.

At Texas Tutors, we offer year-round intervention services to school districts across Texas to give extra support to students falling behind in current grade level curriculum. Now, we have adapted our services to be just as effective online as they were in-person. We are the most reliable online tutors Texas superintendents and principals trust to teach scholars both in and outside the classroom. Learn more or contact us about how we can provide the extra support your students need today. Now is the time more than ever to set your students up for success!