1-on-1 Tutoring

We tutor across all subjects, from math and reading to science and humanites. Our seasoned and diverse array of tutors will come to you and inspire your scholar to the academic excellence we know all children are capable of achieving.


Whether it’s during or after school, we provide educatonal support for your teaching staf. Our services assist in preventon of teacher burnout by ensuring instructors are able to successfully teach their classes while children simultaneously receive individualized support through our extensive diagnostc assessments.


We provide comprehensive test preparaton, which leaves our scholars feeling adequately prepared for any test they may take. We have a group of individuals who are well equipped and spend sufcient tme preparing lessons, sessions, and interactve opportunites so that scholars are engaged, prepared, and ultmately feel confdent taking any test.


Thoughtfully crafted book clubs put reading in the hands of the scholars and provide discussion tools students can use as they work out their responses to the books in which they are reading.


After your child’s initial math and reading assessments, we will create and implement his or her individual academic plans; then, customize lesson plans to fit their needs.

Homework Support

Let Gibson Educational Services help you with assignments that keep you up all night. This service is perfect for scholars who need personal tutoring on a specific homework assignment. We are here to help.

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We have tutors and interventionists available for all subjects and grade levels. Whether it's
meeting weekly to help boost performance or preparing for exams, we are always here to help.

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