Should STAAR Tests Be a Priority?

Virtual learning has taken a toll on even the brightest of students across the country. We’re seeing more failing grades than ever before, and in Houston these numbers have increased exponentially. Whereas only 26% of students received one or more F’s in the fall of 2019, that number has risen to 42% of students for the fall of 2020. Districts across the nation are experiencing similar increases, especially those in lower income areas. Resources are stretched thin, teachers are frazzled, and districts are left wondering what to do.

It’s no wonder that last year STAAR testing was cancelled, and many are calling for it to be cancelled again this year. We understand the struggles districts are going through, and do not think they should be penalized for their scores in the midst of COVID-19. But, we do think that STAAR testing can be a valuable resource to pinpoint where students are struggling and where more focus needs to be placed. These tests can provide critical information, and Gibson Educational Services wants to help districts prepare for the upcoming tests with our test preparation services.

It’s important to prepare even more this year and address the widening gaps in virtual education early on to help your students feel confident in their abilities. Though districts may not feel they need to place emphasis on scoring well on the STAAR tests, these tests offer a variety of benefits to help students build their confidence, sharpen their test-taking abilities, and show their individual mastery. Gibson can help your students through the anxiety and stress of taking standardized tests during COVID-19 with customized lessons, sessions, and interactive activities.

Gibson Educational Services is also proud to offer reading interventionist services. Educators understand how reading is a core component of the early stages of learning and how it can affect a student’s development. With virtual school, it’s hard to address the individual needs of every student in regards to their reading comprehension. Gibson can provide that supplemental support to address test taking needs as well as keeping students on track with their reading skills.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website or contact us today. We absolutely think STAAR tests should be a priority and we’re here to help you set your students up for success even through the struggles of COVID-19.

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