80 students

Thoughtfully crafted book clubs put books in the hands of the scholars and provide discussion tools students can use as they work out their responses to the books in which they are reading.

  • We utilize the most popular book titles
  • Includes a $10 Pizza Hut gift card
  • Frequent discussions about completed chapters
  • About the Club

    Book Club promotes a positive outlook on literature for scholars by facilitating a nurturing environment welcoming various perspective on reading. The Book Club community of scholars are able take advantage of a platform provided to allow the opportunity for readers to conduct relative discussions about the assigned fiction or nonfiction novels aligned with the participant's grade-level. The group discussion with peers and a trained instructor conducted weekly, will address various viewpoints on the chapter book and increase reading skills applied during reading. The academic structures address grade level expectations (GLEs), evidence-based responses to the novel selected and build students’ ability to contribute during discussions. Students are expected to read chapters prior to the session in order to provide input and feedback to questions posed throughout the session.

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