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Path to Math is an in-depth foundational math skill program geared to all ages. Foundational math skills are those skills that students need to live independently in the community, care for themselves, and make choices about their lives. We take a deeper look into mastering these foundational math skills that tend to be pretty important in life in general!

Math is a manipulation of numbers, but these tasks require a strong ‘number-sense’. Developing key skills and practicing them frequently, such as counting, grouping, estimation, quantity, time and distance supports your child’s development of number sense.


To begin our Path to Math series, we introduce Subtraction with Regrouping and Multiplication.


· Subtraction with Regrouping

  • To regroup means to rearrange groups in place value to carry out an operation. We use regrouping in subtraction when digits in the minuend are smaller than the digits in the same place in the subtrahend.
  • The idea of regrouping is very important for students to understand in order to feel comfortable either adding and/or subtracting larger numbers. “Regrouping” is defined as the process of making groups of tens when adding or subtracting two-digit numbers (or more) and is another name for carrying and borrowing.

· Multiplication

  • Builds the Basic Mathematical Blocks and Supports More Complex Tasks. As part of each person’s mathematical ‘toolbox’, multiplication is a fundamental skill which will enable your child to succeed in what can often be considered a daunting subject but can, in fact, be an enjoyable and rewarding subject to master.
  • Fluency in multiplication will also allow your child, as they progress through their school years, and as the mathematics taught becomes more complex, to use these basic skills and build upon them with more ease. Generally, division and long multiplication are introduced into a child’s curriculum following basic multiplication. Without this primary knowledge, the following stages would be much more difficult to understand and process.
  • With the multiplication core understanding being established a child becomes faster at recalling multiplications of 2 -12, they will also be able to solve more complex math equations in much less time.
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