lessons in losing

Lessons in Losing

At Gibson Educational Services, we believe that some of the most important lessons are those taught outside of the traditional classroom. Sure, the foundations of math, science, and reading are vital, but a well-rounded student (and member of society) also needs to know empathy, humility, and grace. It’s important that students learn that they won’t always be the best at everything they do, and will often times lose. Losing, whether it be a board game or academic challenge, might sting a little – but, it brings the opportunity for growth and improvement. Eventually, the losses will become more significant throughout the years, so learning this at a young age is important.

Serena Williams says it best, “I’ve grown most not from my victories, but setbacks. If winning is God’s reward, then losing is how he teaches us.” As one of the most successful professional tennis players, Serena realizes that her success as an athlete comes from those times she lost. Instead of giving up, Serena examines what went wrong and how to improve her skills. But she’s not alone, many other successful athletes like Lebron James and Dwight Howard would say the same. Pitying yourself in a loss will only keep you stagnant, true growth comes from humility and reflection.

Unfortunately, not all influential leaders have the same mindset. The president of the United States has blatantly displayed for the entire world, including young minds, that he refuses to accept a loss with grace. Someone that is supposed to set an example for so many, is instead spurring on supporters to also reject defeat, and is refusing to accept the reality that Vice President Joe Biden is the president-elect.

Although extremely disheartening, we cannot change the actions of President Trump. But, we can vow to change our own actions, and positively influence those around us. We encourage you to be mindful of how you react to setbacks in your life. Congratulate those who win, accept defeat gracefully, learn how to improve for the future, and teach children how to do the same. Together, we can and will build a better future for tomorrow.



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