The Two Weeks’ Notice Conundrum

People quit their jobs for dozens of reasons, even teachers, and a two weeks’ notice is something organizations will inevitably receive. But, it is up to the organization on how they will respond when an employee submits their notice. Although they can’t control what their employees will ultimately do, they can choose their reaction to it.

What are the most common reasons for quitting?

Leaving a job is a personal choice in the end, and one that companies should respect. Oftentimes, people leave a job because they feel a lack of career growth and want to broaden their skills. For teachers, that can mean pursuing a Master’s degree or even a Ph.D. to better serve their students. Sometimes, employees are looking to start a family and have to move cities to meet the needs of their spouse or to raise children near their relatives. Whatever the reason may be, it is ultimately the employee’s decision.

What is the conundrum organizations are facing?

Organizations are left with two choices when an employee hands in their two weeks’ notice: to let them stay and finish out their time or to terminate them immediately. The latter may be enticing if an employee didn’t work up to standard or if it will help the company financially. However, at Texas Tutors, we understand that allowing an employee to finish out the last two weeks after submitting their notice is the right thing to do – every time. We appreciate transparency and honesty from our employees and want their transition into another job to be as seamless as possible. So, a two weeks’ notice isn’t really a conundrum after all, but an obligation.

Why should organizations let employees finish their two weeks?

Organizations owe it to their employees to finish out their last two weeks of work. It’s courteous and considerate, and it even used to be the norm. But now, organizations are taking advantage of the benefits of cutting salaries earlier. No matter how long the employee had worked for or the quality of their work, employees deserve to finish out their two weeks. Without giving employees this kind of job security, they may just leave without a moment’s notice and put the organization in a difficult position. If your employee has the respect to give you a notice, companies should have a mutual respect for them in letting them have one more paycheck.

At Texas Tutors, we strongly believe in giving employees this respect. If you are interested in starting a career with us, contact us today.

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